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Principal On Decision Allowing Students Who Cut Class To Attend Prom By Supporting Troops

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano talked to the Otis Hackney, the Principal of South Philadelphia High School on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about a decision to allow students that have cut over 20 classes to attend the prom if they make care packages for soldiers overseas.

Hackney said the administration is the doing the best they can in a difficult academic environment.

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Principal Discusses Decision Allowing Students Who Cut Class To Attend Prom

"South Philadelphia High School is a very challenging school and we are trying to come up with creative ways to address student behavior. We are trying to hold students accountable, but in the end, it's still trying to modify or change a student's behavior so they don't repeat such actions," he said.

He stated there were never a set number of cut classes that would automatically restrict students from going to the prom.

"We were telling that if you have a certain number of cuts, it could negatively your chances of attending the prom. We never told them that you will never be able to attend," Hackney claimed.

Hackney stated that sending our troops care packages is a way to connect the students to sacrifice being made as well as offering a chance for their own redemption.

"They need to understand that we have young men and women serving overseas to protect our freedom and they don't fight overseas so you can walk the hallways or not go to class or take your education for granted. We're trying to get them to understand the importance of your education but also that it comes at a price. So if you want to enjoy yourself your senior year and attend your prom, you need to make good," he said.

He believes students have embraced the policy and are eager to participate.

"Many of the students understand what the expectation is, they understand why we are doing in it and many of the students that don't even hit that 20 cut threshold, they're also putting together care packages," Hackney commented.


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