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Police: Credit Card Information Stolen From Delaware County Ruby's Diner

GLEN MILLS, Pa. (CBS) – Police in Delaware County are warning patrons of a Ruby's Diner after the restaurant's computer system was compromised.

According to authorities, the suspects installed malware into the computer system at the Ruby's in Glen Mills, Concord Township, which granted them access to debit and credit card information.

The information obtained was used by the suspects to create fraudulent credit cards that were used across the country to make purchases by additional people.

Ruby's Diner confirms that they have replaced their entire computer software upon realizing their system was compromised.

Police urge any customers of the diner who believe their information as stolen to immediately contact their bank to make them aware of potential fraud.

Investigators have said that at this point it does not appear that any Ruby's Diner employees were responsible for this crime.

On Tuesday evening, Ruby's Executive Vice President Tad Belshe released the following statement:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the unfortunate incident that took place at our Ruby's Diner in Glen Mills. The safety and welfare of our Ruby's Diner guests are our highest priority. We took action as soon as we were notified by law enforcement about a potential data theft from the Ruby's Diner restaurant in Glen Mills, PA and have cooperated fully with law enforcement in their investigation. We performed a complete security check of all computer systems, removed the affected elements, and took appropriate action to ensure and certify that the systems are operating securely to avert the potential for a similar incident in the future. Any guest who believes they may have had their credit card information compromised should contact the Pennsylvania State Police at 610-558-7090.

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