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Podiatrist Says Long Walks In Flip Flops Is A Bad Idea

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - It's summer! All winter long we dream of ditching those snow boots in favor of something more comfortable. Flip flops and other casual shoes can lead to injury.

Rothman Institute Physician at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Dr. Nicholas Taweel's specialty is podiatry and lower extremity.

Dr. Nicholas Taweel

"I see more of the cumulative stress caused by the flip-flops," Dr. Taweel said. "Tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and it flares up arthritis."

Attending Foot and Ankle Surgeon at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania Dr. Albert D'Angelantonio agrees your feet need more support and says you need to take a second look at the sandals and flip-flops you choose.

"Because the foot is completely exposed. I use the analogy of you are basically driving in a motorcycle as opposed to being protected in a car."

Both say flip-flops have their place, to protect you from potential infection at public showers or pools but Dr. Tweel says you shouldn't plan to take a long walk in them.

"If you are walking for more than a mile or two, you are predisposing yourself to getting blisters."

Both say don't forget to put sunscreen on your feet if you are wearing flip-flops or sandals!

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