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Philly Protesters Take To The Streets For 'Not My President's Day'

by Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- For about 300 Philadelphia demonstrators, today's holiday was "Not My President's Day."

The three-hour demonstration started with a rally at Thomas Paine Plaza.

City Councilwoman Helen Gym denounced President Trump's position on sanctuary cities.

"These racist, xenophobic policies are cutting at the heart of our civil, constitutional, and human rights to freedom," she said,

The protest took to the streets, with demonstrators marching around City Hall and then down to Independence Mall before returning, blocking Market Street traffic along the way.

"He's not my president. He doesn't represent me. I don't think he represents American ideals," said Paul Fitzgerald, one of the demonstrators.

There were no arrests, but some watching the march disagreed with its premise.

"I personally think it's silly. I mean, they have a right to do that if they want to. I just don't think this is the way we make our United States come together."

The demonstrators say they want President Trump to know that a majority of Americans do not agree with his policies.

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