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With another prison escape in Philadelphia, what changes are being made?

What changes are being made as officials search for another missing inmate in Philadelphia
What changes are being made as officials search for another missing inmate in Philadelphia 02:57

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- With yet another search underway in the Philadelphia area, you might be wondering how common prison escapes are and what the real risk is to you and your family.

Our city was on edge for two weeks this past summer while a convicted killer was on the loose. In May, two others escaped from the same Philly prison investigators said Gino Hagenkotter ran off from Thursday.

A video released last month revealed how two inmates, including one charged with four counts of murder, were able to bust out of the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center (PICC). Surveillance showed the men walk out of their cells, slide on their stomachs, while prosecutors said another inmate acted as a lookout. Another camera caught them running across the yard and investigators said a hole in the fence, which had been there for seven weeks, ultimately led to their escape.

Last month, District Attorney Larry Krasner said there's been a long-standing problem inside the Philly prison system and outlined a series of issues that led to the springtime escapes including staffing issues and incorrect bed counts.

A city spokesperson said since the escapes in May, the facility made fence repairs, added razor wire and more lighting around the perimeter.

Officials said Gino Hagenkotter escaped by climbing a fence along the orchard to get out.

CBS News Philadelphia found out the orchard is not inside the secure perimeter of the prison nor is it included in any state inspections. The DA's office said this latest escape will now be part of the larger investigation into the overall state of Philadelphia prisons.

In May, a CBS Philadelphia investigation found there were 38 non-compliance observations listed in the 2022 inspection report. A Philadelphia spokesperson confirmed a new inspection was conducted in November of 2023 but the report is not available.

CBS News looked into prison escape data and found most escapes are people leaving low security custody, not violent criminals: Prison escapes in America: How common are they and what's the real risk?

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