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Philadelphia Eagles schedule release video assesses fan readiness for the 2024 season

NFL releases 2024 Philadelphia Eagles regular season schedule
NFL releases 2024 Philadelphia Eagles regular season schedule 01:21

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Slightly unhinged? Maybe. But ready for the season? Definitely.

That just about sums up the essence of Philadelphia Eagles fans, who were front and center in the team's 2024 schedule release video.

Compared to the 2023 schedule release, which featured team dog Reggie and the pups owned by different players, this year's video took a more dramatic turn.

We open on the Eagles HQ, aka the NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia, where a "doctor" is preparing to "assess the psychological readiness of Eagles fans ahead of the 2024 season."

For the next three minutes, real fans are presented with Rorschach inkblot-esque images of the teams Philly will face throughout the season and asked to share the first word that comes to mind.

And the answers were classically, quintessentially Philadelphia.

When shown the Green Bay Packers logo, a mummer's hat-clad woman says the first thing she thinks of is "they're going to Brazil to get their first loss of the season."

Does a young girl presented with the image of the Cleveland Browns logo have any thoughts or feelings about the Cleveland Browns? "No," she does not.

Week 7 in New York against the Giants? "Took Saquon. Bet you mad about that."

Santa Claus, when given an image of the Dallas Cowboys star, said it "makes me nauseous." When asked to hold onto the Cowboys card, another fan refused.

Asked to do a little word association with the Dallas logo, a face-painted fan had the following to say:

"Dallas? Blows. Cowboys? A**. Victory? Birds."

And what comes to mind for the same fan when given the Commanders' logo? "Taco holder."

After getting through all 18 weeks, the doctor, in his professional opinion, determines Philadelphia fans are psychologically ready for the 2024 season: "You are raring to go."

Philadelphia opens the regular season on Friday, Sept. 6 in Sao Paulo, Brazil against the Green Bay Packers, the first Friday night game of the NFL's opening weekend in over 50 years.

2024 Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Schedule

  • Week 1: Friday, Aug. 9 at Ravens
  • Week 2: Thursday, Aug. 15 at New England Patriots
  • Week 3: Saturday, Aug. 24 vs. Minnesota Vikings

Philadelphia Eagles Regular Season Schedule

  • Week 1: Friday, Sept. 6 vs. Green Bay Packers
  • Week 2: Monday, Sept. 16 vs. Atlanta Falcons 
  • Week 3: Sunday, Sept. 22 at New Orleans Saints
  • Week 4: Sunday, Sept. 29 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Week 5: BYE
  • Week 6: Sunday, Oct. 13 vs. Cleveland Browns
  • Week 7: Sunday, Oct. 20 at New York Giants
  • Week 8: Sunday, Oct. 27 at Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week: 9: Sunday, Nov. 3 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Week 10: Sunday, Nov. 10 at Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 11: Thursday, Nov. 14 vs. Washington Commanders
  • Week 12: Sunday, Nov. 24 at Los Angles Rams
  • Week 13: Sunday, Dec. 1 at Baltimore Ravens
  • Week: 14: Sunday, Dec. 8 vs. Carolina Panthers
  • Week 15: Sunday, Dec. 15 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 16: Sunday, Dec. 22 at Commanders
  • Week 17: Sunday, Dec. 29 vs. Cowboys
  • Week 18: TBD vs. Giants
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