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Philadelphia CrossFit athlete preparing for national competition with help from high-tech device, gym community

How technology helps a Philadelphia athlete prepare for the CrossFit Adaptive Games
How technology helps a Philadelphia athlete prepare for the CrossFit Adaptive Games 02:11

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A high-tech device is helping an injured Philadelphia athlete train for the upcoming CrossFit games.

Lauren Taylor uses a functional electrical stimulation device in her training and recovery after she was in a car accident involving a Mack truck. 

Taylor was an elite athlete in multiple sports before a car crash in 2020 threatened her ability to move. 

"I love a really good challenge," Taylor said. "I love the joy that it brings me. I love the fact that I'm still able to have a piece of me that's existed my entire life."

Taylor has a traumatic brain injury and a herniated disc that causes radiculopathy in her legs. 

"Life changed drastically," Taylor said. 

But she was determined to get fit again, and CrossFit became her salvation. 

"I just enjoy coming here" to the gym, she said. "I like the camaraderie, so many good friends here."  

CrossFit is all about strength and endurance, and that happens for Taylor with the help of the device.

A photo of Taylor's functional electrical stimulation device

The Bioness L300 detects movement irregularities and deploys low-level corrective nerve stimulation. 

"Essentially, it will shock the nerves that are not functioning and then help that muscle to activate," Taylor said.  

The device has been "amazing" for recovery and for quality of life, Taylor said.  

Now she's training for the next CrossFit games. 

"I was then second fittest in the world as an adaptive neuromuscular athlete in 2022, and gearing up to go back," she said. 

Taylor, who works closely with a trainer and a physical therapist, still struggles with injuries from the accident but can't wait for her next challenge. 

She's preparing to compete in the CrossFit Adaptive Games in San Antonio in September. 

"A motto I actually live by is, 'Be comfortable being uncomfortable,'" she said.

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