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Philadelphia Controller Again Finds Problems in City's School Buildings

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia city controller Alan Butkovitz says his most recent inspection of  city school buildings once again found unsanitary and dangerous conditions.

Butkovitz last inspected school buildings in 2008, and he says not much has improved since.

(File photo of Alan Butkovitz speaking with reporters. Credit: Mike DeNardo)



Visits to 20 schools turned up water leaks,  missing fire extinguishers, mold, cockroaches, exposed insulation, uncovered electrical panels, collapsed ceilings, and unsanitary bathrooms.

"We've got, what? One hundred seventy thousand Philadelphia schoolkids going to school every day in these conditions.  Why isn't that a public health emergency?" Butkovitz wondered aloud.

School district spokesman Fernando Gallard says the district welcomes the report, to highlight the need for more funding.

"Do we have enough money to maintain our schools?  No," Gallard told KYW Newsradio today.  "Do we have enough money in our capital programs to do the repairs?  No."

Gallard says it's likely that many of the issues -- including exposed asbestos at Key Elementary School -- have already been addressed.



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