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Pennsylvania Senator Looks To Prohibit Sale Of Animals From Puppy Mills

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —Pennsylvania may be following in California's footsteps by prohibiting the sale of animals from puppy mills, according to a recently proposed legislation.

Sen. Guy Reschenthaler proposed the idea of the bill in order to shift the pet market towards humane sources.

Puppy mills often supply pet stores with puppies that have been neglected leaving consumers left spending thousands of dollars caring for sick puppies, and sometimes the puppies do not survive, Reschenthaler writes.

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There is currently a loophole in the law that allows a licensed kennel to sell dogs at any public place in the Commonwealth, according to Reschenthaler. Since a license does not guarantee a breeder is raising the dogs humanely, the exemption for licensed kennels will be removed under the new bill.

This new legislation will have pet stores partnering with shelters and rescues to promote adoption, decreasing the number of pets euthanized each year and the demand for puppies raised in puppy mills.

Reschenthaler says Pets Plus Natural has five locations in Pennsylvania and sold commercially raised puppies but switched to partner with shelters after learning of the high kill rate in shelters.

The bill will require the federal, state or local license numbers to be included in all advertisements, giving consumers the ability to research the kennels. It will also give enforcement officers the capability to identify unlicensed breeders.

California and more than 250 localities in the United States have passed similar laws.

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Pennsylvania Representative Jason Ortitay will be proposing a similar bill in the House.


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