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Paycheck Deduction Bills Advance In Pa. Legislature

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) - Controversial legislation that would limit union deductions from the paychecks of public employees is in position for a possible vote as lawmakers wrap up work before summer recess.

Committees in both the House and Senate approved paycheck deduction bills this week. The Senate bill would prevent state and local governments from making paycheck deductions for political advocacy, but would allow so-called "fair share" deductions for union representation. The House bill, however, would allow "fair share" deductions for non-union members only.

Steve Miskin, spokesman for House majority Republicans, says it not certain when there will be a full House vote.

Miskin: "We're taking a very serious look at it."
Reporter:  "But you can't say at this point whether or not it's going to get a vote before you leave for the summer."
Miskin: "Many members want to, and we may."

But Miskin says the budget and related issues are the priority. A spokesman for the Senate majority leader also says it's uncertain if there will be a vote before summer recess.

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