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PA Medical Marijuana Train Slows For Now

By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It appears it will be at least few more weeks before a medical marijuana bill can get to Governor Wolf's desk.

The state Senate passed a medical marijuana bill last spring. The House finally acted on that bill last week, but it amended the Senate bill, sending it back to the Senate.

But it appears the Senate will not take up the medical marijuana bill this week, and when it does, it is likely to make further amendments to the bill.

Governor Wolf says he's disappointed and hopes that the bill doesn't get bogged down going back and forth between the chambers.

"This is something that it very popular. I will sign it [when it] gets to my desk. And I think the leadership in both houses should have every interest in trying to get it to my desk as quickly as possible," said the Governor.

But after this week the legislature won't be back until April, and if the medical marijuana bill is further amended in the Senate, a spokesman for the House majority leader says he can't promise that the House will take it up again.


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