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Preparations underway for New Year's Eve celebrations in Philadelphia

Behind the Scenes: New Year's Eve celebrations at Penn's Landing
Behind the Scenes: New Year's Eve celebrations at Penn's Landing 01:46

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Preparations continue for Philadelphia's New Year's Eve celebration ahead of the big weekend filled with parties, parades, and fireworks. The city is gearing up to welcome in 2024 Philly style.

There's nothing better than ringing in the new year with fireworks and a party in the city.

Penn's Landing is preparing for two shows on New Year's Eve. The firework extravaganza will light up the night sky, a spectacular that draws revelers to the Delaware Waterfront.

Kevin Stead and his team are hard at work carefully assembling the thousands of fireworks that will soon take to the sky above Penn's Landing come to New Year's Eve.

"There's a lot of work behind the scenes that goes into it," said Stead, who's the lead shooter for Pyrotechnico. "There's a lot of programming and planning."

It's an end-of-the-year tradition that captures the attention of many.

"They're always amazing," Colleen Dyson said. "I love the fireworks and I love the crowd. There's a lot, a lot involved, a lot of preparations, and a lot of thoughtfulness because they do a lot of stuff."

Pyrotecnico has been taking care of the illuminating display for decades. But before the colorful two shows can be enjoyed at 6 p.m. and midnight, Stead's team spends four or so days weatherproofing the fireworks, connecting all the wires and properly labeling each firecracker.

Come New Year's Eve, staff will be setting off the fireworks while keeping safety in mind. A long day for a beloved yearly tradition that's marking the start of a bright, new beginning.

Preparations continue for Philadelphia's New Year's Eve celebrations 01:36

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"It's New Year's Eve so it's a party right?" Eric Althaus, general manager of Rivers Casino, said.

They are bringing the glitz, glam, and gold on New Year's Eve for their Golden Gala party.

"We start working on pretty much all our events, but specifically for New Year's Eve, like six months in advance. When it comes to even procuring an entertainer, sometimes it's over a year in advance," Althaus said. "A lot of team members, a lot of meetings, a lot of brainstorming and collaboration."

He said there's nothing like seeing everyone enjoy themselves.

"Everyone's smiling; they're happy," Althaus said. "It's a party. The energy, the vibe, the excitement. It's great."

After midnight, the party in the city doesn't stop there.

The Mummers Parade will continue the celebration on New Year's Day.

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They have been prepping and practicing their performances and the weather is in their favor.

"They don't want all their hard work, the costumes -- some are very expensive -- and they don't want them to get damaged," Mummers Museum executive director Scott Brown said.

Barricades and bleachers are set up near City Hall in preparation for the parade as the city looks forward to the fun-filled, long holiday weekend.

When it comes to the fireworks at Penn's Landing, the first show is at 6 p.m. and the second is at midnight. Both shows are rain or shine and free to enjoy. 

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