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New Green Initiative Being Tested At Temple University

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Temple University students are giving the thumbs over a new green energy initiative where  electronic devices can be charged at outdoor lunch tables.

The picnic tables have umbrellas, decked out in Temple cherry and white, along with solar panels on top.  

"They power strips that surround the pole of the umbrella," says Jim Creedon, the Senior Vice President for construction, facilities and operations for Temple University. "And if you need a quick charge on your phone, you need a quick charge of your laptop, your whatever, your iPod, your iPad you name it, you just plug it in right there and get a quick charge."

There are three free "Solar Dok" tables so far and they're getting great reviews.

"It also brings students together in casual way," says one student. "Because when you are in the library on your laptop you are not supposed to be eating or you are not supposed to be talking too loud, and I think it's a very good idea to have these energy sources right outside the eating area. It's a casual space for people to do get together and do meetings and stuff."

Temple is the only university in the area testing out the special tables.

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