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Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Defends Police Profiling

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The Sheriff in Milwaukee, David Clarke, defended the use of police profiling, saying they use the tool to keep communities safe from criminals and the country safe from terrorists.

Clarke, during an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, stated that profiling is part of the law enforcement process that agencies on every level need to use.


"You gather critical information along the way put together with other things that help you develop this profile of a suspect. I'm going to continue to use that word and say it and explain what I mean because we're going to continue to do it in law enforcement as it relates to domestic security and homeland security, if we're going to prevent and detect terror attacks, not after they occur...but before they occur."

He said opponents of the tactic have been successful in making it a political issue, but stands with a Supreme Court ruling allowing it to continue.

"The word profiling relates to public safety policing. It's taken on a pejorative because the left, in controlling the language and controlling the narrative, has made it a pejorative. The Supreme Court has opined on this and the Supreme Court of the United States has already weighed in on this and they said that police agencies, public safety, can use race as one of many factors."


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