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Weapons seized from home of suspect in Temple officer shooting: sources

Investigators seize weapons from property of suspect accused of killing Temple officer
Investigators seize weapons from property of suspect accused of killing Temple officer 01:38

BUCKINGHAM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) -- Multiple weapons were seized on the Bucks County property where the suspected gunman in the Temple police officer shooting was arrested on Sunday morning, sources say.  

Miles Pfeffer, 18, was arrested at his residence in Buckingham Township, Bucks County, in connection with fatally shooting Temple officer Chris Fitzgerald. 

Pfeffer was charged with multiple offenses, including murder, murder of a law enforcement officer, robbery, carjacking, among others. 

The residence belongs to Pfeffer's mother, who was at the home during the time of his arrest. She was also taken into custody for questioning. 

Pfeffer and his mother live on the grounds of the historic Boxley Farm along Quarry Road. Sources say detectives seized multiple weapons on the property. 

Pfeffer may have tried to melt the murder weapon in the fire pit on the family's land, sources say. 

This search was just hours after Pfeffer was taken into custody by the Buckingham Police Department, the Central Bucks Special Response Team, along with Philadelphia police and U.S. Marshals for the murder of Fitzgerald.

"We were able to get the house surrounded, they were able to get compliance and take the suspect into custody without incident," Rob Clark, of the U.S. Marshal Service, said. 

Officers used Fitzgerald's handcuffs on their suspect as he was taken back to Philadelphia police headquarters  

"That's a tradition we do anytime there is a fallen officer and we thought it was important by once again placing his cuffs on the suspect," Clark said.  

Local police sources say Pfeffer is known to officers in the area for what they describe as nuisance crimes. 

Neighbors say the family moved in about four years ago and they've seen police at the residence several times since. 

"I really don't know them, even though they're so close. Everybody keeps to themselves here in the country, mostly. They have been noisy at times," Michael Moeller, a neighbor, said. "Motorcycles and things like that in the field, yeah." 

Pfeffer is being held in Philadelphia without bail. 

Buckingham Township police say the SPCA was called as part of the search to check on several animals living on the property. 

At the moment, the animals are being cared for by the SPCA.

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