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Mignon On BET's 'Sistas': 'Tyler Perry Has Given These Women Depth'

(CBS Local)-- "Tyler Perry's Sistas" has been one of the most recent hits on BET and the experience has been a very moving one for Mignon Von. The actor plays Daniella King on the show that follows a group of Black women as they navigate the ups and downs of life.


Mignon used to watch BET as a kid all the time and loved watching music videos from Missy Elliott and Aaliyah. She says it is truly surreal to now flip on the channel and see herself on the network.

"It's this weird dichotomy of being surreal and so grounded at the same time," said Mignon, in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "It's an incredible responsibility and it can be a lot if you think about it too much. My character is in an interracial relationship and there is that tension of being in the year 2020 and having moved so far away from the past, but how far are we away from the past spiritually and systemically. Specifically for me playing Dani is so interesting. It's a lot of fun, even though it's serious."

Mignon loves how "Tyler Perry's Sistas" provides comedic relief and also addresses serious issues in society. The actor says that speaks to the genius of Perry and the world he has created on BET and on a larger scale in his movies.

"If you've seen any of the Madea movies, you know how funny this man is," said Mignon. "At the same time, there is the depth and the complexity that he has brought to all four of these women. On one hand, Dani is really astute and can pick up on things and is even discerning, but then when it comes to this guy she shoots herself in the foot. I like how much he has played with these characters and has really given them humanity. They are relevant and the show is heightened with drama and comedy. It's good fun."

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