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Philadelphia Doctor Helps Design Kiki Price's New Line Of High Heels With Specialized Comfort Technology

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new line of high heels has hit the market with a specialized comfort technology designed by a Philadelphia doctor. High heels are making a comeback with offices reopening and socializing resuming. This new line claims to provide both, style and comfort.

The holiday party season is about to start. That means many women will be wearing high heels for the first time since the pandemic shutdown.

"I wanted something that was comfortable," Genevieve Adams said.

Adams turned to a brand new line.

"At Kiki Price, we believe stylish shoes should be comfortable without compromising beauty," an Ad says.

Kiki and Price are the names of the founders. The shoes are designed and handcrafted in Italy, and the comfort technology comes from Philadelphia foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Rick Jay.

"What some people put in their shoe as an insert, this became the shoe," Jay said.

Jay used 3D technology to create a sole that redistributes pressure, instead of the typical position of the foot in a high heel on the toes.

"I was able to transfer a percentage of the weight from the forefoot to the arch to the heel," Jay said. "It's more a redistribution of the function of the foot in a high heel shoe to decrease the amount of pressure on areas that shouldn't have pressure in it."

That makes the pointy toes more comfortable.

"Your toes don't get squeezed at the front," Adams said.

Other features include the sole being made of something called Technogel, which acts as a shock absorber, and a slight cup around the heel that helps reduce instability found in traditional high heels.

Jay says that should reduce falls that cause most of the injuries linked to high heels.

"Very different from every other shoe on the market," Jay said.

They come with a steep price too -- in the $600 range.

"I don't know if it's the softness of the suede or what exactly they engineered, but they did a really good job because they're very comfortable," Adams said.

The shoes are only available online.

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