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Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Ski Resort Live Webcams

By Jay Lloyd

TANNERSVILLE, Pa. (CBS) -- In the not so distant past, skiers relied on broadcast snow condition reports to set their weekend getaway plans.

Today, you can actually look before you go.

It's toasty warm here at my home, sixty miles from the Pocono Mountain slopes.  But I'm  looking at four different views of Camelback Mountain showing snow falling, lifts running, and trails blanketed with powder.

It's the age of the Mountain Cam!

"You can click on it, zoom in, look at different parts of the mountain," says Camelback's Brian Bossuyt on the phone as I am looking at my laptop.

He doesn't have to pitch the snow -- it's plainly visible.

Does this mean the demise of the old snow reports?   Not necessarily.   Skiers and riders will still read them for information about individual trails.  But it sure does remove a lot of the uncertainty about deciding where and when to go.

Most major mountains now have the streaming cams on their web sites,  and they can be accessed by smartphone as well.

So, before you head for the peaks, take a peek!

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