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Viral Delco McDonald's worker reacts to Jason Kelce's retirement from Philadelphia Eagles

Jason Kelce superfan reacts to his retirement announcement
Jason Kelce superfan reacts to his retirement announcement 02:20

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It was an emotional press conference for Jason Kelce, but it was also emotional for the Philadelphia Eagles fans watching his retirement announcement.

Superfan and McDonald's worker Danielle Bonham couldn't hold back the tears after Kelce announced he was walking away from the game.

The two befriended one another over the past several months during his visits to the fast-food chain's drive-thru.

Superfan and McDonalds worker Danielle Bonham couldn't hold back the tears after Kelce announced his he was walking away from the game.

With her tears falling down her cheeks, her hands trembling and her mind racing, Bonham was as anxious as anyone in the Philadelphia area as Kelce, who played center for the Birds for 13 seasons, announced his retirement.

"I hate to see him go," she said

Kelce's decision to hang it up after 13 seasons for the Eagles is bittersweet for Bonham.

"The memories that he's made will impact everybody for the rest of their lives," she said.

The Broomall McDonald's worker will hold those memories near and dear to her heart.

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce announces NFL retirement after 13 seasons 41:55

Bonham and Kelce have shared an unlikely bond, which started during Kelce's visits to the drive-thru. The star center later signed an Eagles jersey for Bonham, the moment captured in a photo that has since gone viral.

"And I printed it out for him, and he even said on his podcast 'I have more pictures in my car of Danielle than I do my wife,'" she said with a laugh.

But since that photo, she said she's seen Kelce several more times. She said it was those encounters that helped lift her spirits amid her divorce.

"What I've learned from him is persevere," she said. "You can get through anything."

Bonham received a special varsity jacket from McDonald's to celebrate Kelce. It also has the No. 62 on the sleeve. 


Bonham wanted to share this message to Kelce to honor his 13 incredible seasons with the Eagles:

"I thank you for all you've done for us and all you've done for the community and city of Philadelphia. It never has gone unnoticed," she said. "We love you. We'll miss you. No matter where life takes you, we will always be your army."

Kelce's play on the field may have made him in a star Philly, but Bonham said it's his character that will forever make him a legend.

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