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Investigators Note Increase In Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

by Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Accident investigators in Philadelphia have been busy this year with an alarming increase of deadly auto-pedestrian accidents.

Fatal crashes involving walkers, joggers, and bikers are up by more than 50% according to Philly Police. Captain of the Accident Investigation Division John Wilczynski says so far this year, they've seen 17 such accidents

"99% percent of the time, it's clearly not intentional, so the person who hits --the person behind the wheel-- has an obligation to stop, pull over, dial 9-1-1 and help out," he said.

Wilczynski says distracted drivers AND distracted pedestrians are to blame.

"I am seeing that more and more, and my detectives and officers are seeing distractions causing the crashes," he said.

So, if you even think you hit someone, call for help immediately-- otherwise you could likely face jail time.

"That quick call to 9-1-1 could be the difference of a serious injury or possibly a death, just to get that person medical attention a little bit quicker," said Wilczynski.

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