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Man Who Tackled Gunman Speaks Out After Deadly Municipal Building Shooting

SAYLORSBURG, Pa., (CBS) – Police say a man opened fire on a municipal building in a rural Pennsylvania community where a township meeting was being held Monday night, killing three people and injuring three others, before being tackled to the ground (see previous story).

The two men who subdued the alleged gunman until police arrived are being called heroes Tuesday night.

One of the men is speaking out.

In the midst of the shooting, those who intervene rarely want recognition.

"No I only did what needed to be done to help people, that's all you do," said Mark Kresh.

Eyewitness News could only get Mark Kresh to lend his voice Tuesday. Police say he and Bernie Kozen tackled Rockne Newell while he was getting ready to unleash a second wave of gunfire Monday night.

"Like I told the rest, please do what's in your power to help the families and the victims of the families, and that's it. I only did what needed to be done to help the rest of the people there. Maybe its time more people got involved to help fellow mankind," said Kresh.

While a dozen or more lives may have been spared, the devastation was overwhelming enough - three people dead and three more injured.

"I was shocked, I couldn't believe it could happen. I know it can happen but I never believed it would happen here in Ross Township. It's just amazing," said resident Pete Scarfaro.

Scarfaro says Ross Township prides itself on being tight knit, making the loss of life that more difficult to accept.

"It's going to take a real long time for the families of the deceased and also to the people who witnessed all this," he said.

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