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Health: Caffeine Chips To Give Energy Boost

By Stephanie Sthal

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A jolt of energy in a bag of chips? We're talking about the same kind of caffeine that you usually find in coffee or power drinks. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has more.

They look and crunch like any other chip. Some say it tastes the same and they taste good, but these chips come with a kick.

In addition to potatoes, salt and spices they contain B vitamins, protein, caffeine and taurine, an ingredient commonly found in energy drinks.

"I think they're trying to target the young those who are athletic or wish to be," said Jo Ann Hattner, a Nutritionist. She questions whether coating potato chips with energy supplements really gives you much of a boost.

"It's what I call an image food. 70 milligrams of caffeine is really not that much, you might get that in a shot of espresso," said Jo Ann.

But you'd get fewer calories with espresso. The Arma Energy Chips come with 70 milligrams of caffeine and 290 calories. Compare that to a can of Red Bull, which has 80 milligrams of the stimulant, for 110 calories. A shot of espresso offers the same boost, with only five calories. So gram for gram, the chips have more calories

While the chips seem to be marketed to sports minded people, personal trainer Elizabeth Bachrad says there are probably better options.

"We strive for whole foods as much as possible that would give the most energy over a sustained period of time," said Elizabeth.

The chips are not recommended for children or pregnant women.


Arma Energy Chips

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