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Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro visits Goldie after viral protest he condemned as antisemitic

Pa. Gov. Josh Shapiro visits Goldie after viral protest he condemned as antisemitic
Pa. Gov. Josh Shapiro visits Goldie after viral protest he condemned as antisemitic 01:58

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro on Wednesday visited Israeli Jewish restaurant Goldie in Philadelphia days after protesters allegedly shouted antisemitic remarks outside of the building.

Support for Goldie continues to grow after the protests this past weekend. After condemning the protest as antisemitic earlier in the week, the governor was at Goldie on Wednesday in a more visible show of support.

Shapiro says it's his job as the leader of the commonwealth to call out hate wherever he sees it. He says there's no room for antisemitism in Philadelphia or anywhere.

The governor came to speak to Philadelphia-based Israeli chef Michael Solomonov and offer his support in response to a pro-Palestinian demonstration Sunday night.

Protesters are accused of shouting what the governor calls antisemitic remarks. The protesters also left stickers with pro-Palestinian slogans on the restaurant's doors.

CBS News Philadelphia reached out to the organizers of the protest on Monday but did not hear back.

Shapiro said all residents deserve to feel safe. It has been a challenging moment for the restaurant, he said. Shapiro wants the owner and employees to know they're not alone.

"People have a right to peacefully protest a difference of policy in the Middle East or in Israel," Shapiro said. "They don't have a right to come and protest a restaurant simply because it's owned by a Jew and hold that Jew responsible for Israeli policy. That is the definition of antisemitism."

Gov. Shapiro visits Goldie to support chef Michael Solomonov 02:10

Ahmet Tekelioglu, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, sees things differently. 

"The issue is, I think, in governor's mind, the institution is being protested and boycotted because it's Jewish-owned and there is nothing that would collaborate that account," Tekelioglu said.

Goldie customers on Wednesday saw long lines as they waited to order. Several said it was their first time coming to Goldie and they wanted to show their support.

"It's pretty crowded in there," said Allison Feld of Center City. It's really nice to see people showing support and coming here."

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