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Nearly 1 year after Everett Beauregard's murder, his parents continue to search for answers

Parents of Everett Beauregard searching for answers 1 year after fatal shooting
Parents of Everett Beauregard searching for answers 1 year after fatal shooting 02:30

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- This Friday marks one year since the murder of 23-year-old Everett Beauregard in University City.

The Beauregards are still trying to figure out the two biggest questions: Who did this and why? While they miss him beyond words, they said that would help heal just some of the hurt.

"Time goes on but stands still at the same time," Eric Beauregard said.

There is not a day that goes by that Eric and Leslie Beauregard do not think about their son, Everett, who was shot and killed one year ago this Friday on the 400 block of North 35th Street.

"Just saying how much we miss him," Leslie Beauregard said. "It's like a feeling that isn't worldly in some ways."

They say it's hard to go about their normal routines without him popping in their heads, especially as they attend big events for family and friends.

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"And we think oh we'll never attend his wedding," Leslie Beauregard said. "That's what kinda time does it's everyone else's life goes on and you figure out where you fit in without living it with Everett."

In a surveillance video released by police, you can see a man walk past Everett and then suddenly turn around and shoot him as he was walking home. Police said the shooting was unprovoked.

"The way he shot our son, he was a coward," Eric Beauregard said. "If he was any type of man, he would turn himself in."

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For a year, the Beauregards said they are always waiting for a call from detectives. They believe someone out there knows something.

"At first there is hope, like they will have something or figure something out and catch him," Eric Beauregard said. "As time goes on you see it's less likely."

CBS News Philadelphia

The Beauregards will also be headed to Washington, D.C., where Congressman Brendan Boyle will be giving a speech about Everett on the floor on Thursday. Everett was an intern for his 2018 campaign.

They said they hope to keep their son's story out there to find the person who did this.

"It's hard to imagine that the person has a conscience," Leslie Beauregard said. "But I would like to think that maybe one has developed or in the past year they thought about it a little bit, maybe now's the time."

The family also hopes to one day work with organizations that focus on the youth to ultimately stop gun violence and make sure no family has to feel the pain they are going through.

There will also be an observance on Friday.

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