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Eagles-themed buses taking South Philly tailgates by storm

Eagles-themed buses taking South Philadelphia tailgates by storm
Eagles-themed buses taking South Philadelphia tailgates by storm 01:53

DEPTFORD, N.J. (CBS) -- You've probably seen them driving around the Delaware Valley, or parked outside of Lincoln Financial Field -- school buses decked out by diehard Eagles fans. Each one has its own little look.

We see them at every Eagles tailgate as they pull up, park and party. It's the buses that back the Birds.

They started off as yellow school buses and transformed into green tailgate headquarters.

They're built from the bottom up, wrapped in Eagles finest and decked out with all things Philly.

Keith Dotegowski owns one.

"Every Sunday, we are out here," Dotegowski said. "We have futons, chairs TVs, always playing CBS. We have a pantry, we have a bathroom."

This one is Daniel Diamond's.

"Everyone is allowed," Daniel Diamond said of his bus, "but no Dallas fans."

And their other friend owns one.

Together, they tailgate with the rest of the city.

"Oh, it's crazy, even driving on the highway," Diamond said. "Everyone is giving you thumbs up and honking the horns. You get to the toll booth and they are slapping hands."

Their tailgates are massive and are filled with food, drinks and disc jockeys.

"It's usually anywhere from 100-200 people every week," Diamond said. "Crazy diehard Bird fans."

Eagles fans hoping their energy will fuel the team and are feeling confident ahead of this weekend.

"We are going to the Super Bowl," Bill Slough said. "We are the No. 1 seed because we are the best team. So just do what you do, be the best team and it's all going to work out OK."

The group says they will be at Linc on Sunday to tailgate the NFC championship game against the San Francisco 49ers. They say they are expecting to have one of the biggest tailgates they ever had.

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