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Abused Dog Out Of Hospital, Off To New Life

By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There were kisses and tears as those who rescued Remi and nursed the one-year-old Pit Bull back to life said, "goodbye."  Surrounded by his favorite toys and treats, he was now heading from the Keystone Veterinary Hospital in Haverford Township to a Justice Rescue Sanctuary on his journey to a new life.

For the first year of his life, Remi knew only pain, generations of scars showing where he was beaten repeatedly and starved by dog fight promoters who, when he grew sick, left him to die on a Chester Street.

Chester Police Officer Robert Ticknor found Remi and stayed by his side, the badly injured dog, barely able to stand, collapsing onto the ground, resting his head on Officer Ticknor's boot, as Justice Rescue Officer Russell Harper raced to help.

But now, after Officer Harper spent hours and days at his side, hoping he would survive and recover, there was another trip. For Harper the joyous job of taking Remi from the hospital to the Sanctuary where, far from the bloody dog fighting ring, he will be surrounded by acres of green grass and, most importantly, more love than he has ever known.

The search is still on for the vicious criminals who abused Remi and anyone who can help could collect a $5,000 reward.

Meanwhile, those who saved Remi already have their reward: the comforting knowledge that a young dog, so terribly hurt, now has every chance at a good happy life.

Justice Rescue officials tell CBS 3 that it will take time for Remi to adjust to his new environment, so anyone hoping to adopt him won't be able to apply in the near future.

However, they add, Justice Rescue is accepting donations to help Remi and other dogs they are saving and nursing back to help. If you want to know more about adopting or how you can help go to their link at:


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