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New Philadelphia holiday 215 Day celebrates city's area code with special deals

215 Day celebrates Philadelphia's oldest area codes with special deals
215 Day celebrates Philadelphia's oldest area codes with special deals 02:14

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Today is Feb. 15, or 2-1-5. And this year, here in the Philadelphia region, there's a whole new meaning behind today's date. 215 Day is Philly's newest homegrown holiday, celebrating our oldest and first area code 2-1-5.

The area code dates back to the 1940s. To celebrate, there are specials on food, concerts and other experiences.

"You have your 484s and your 610s, but everybody wanted to be part of that 215 area code to really signal old school Philadelphia," Positano Coast General Manager Shawn Leahey said.

Countless restaurants, music venues, bakeries and bars are offering giveaways and discounts, including Positano Coast in Old City, to commemorate the unofficial holiday.

"Some restaurants are doing $2.15 deals; some are doing different promotions," Leahey said. "We've sent in a gift certificate for one of the raffles."

"It's amazing," Marlo Dilks, who owns SLiCE Pizza, P'unk Burger and Nipotina Restaurant, said. "To be in anything that's inaugural is fun to get it off the ground and something that is so rich in the culture of the city, and these food items in particular are very south Philadelphia food items."

Marlo Dilks, owner of Slice Pizza, P'unk Burger and Nipotina, shows off some of the food items available on the inaugural 215 Day. CBS News Philadelphia

Different restaurants and attractions from across the city are coming together to offer special 2-1-5 discounts.

Some deals include:

  • SLiCE Pizza's Italian Market location has pizza slices for $2.15
  • P'unk Burger has milkshake specials for $2.15
  • Nipotina is doing a special cheesesteak - the side of fries is $2.15
  • $2.15 small coffee at HIVE Cafe

A Pennsylvanian artist was commissioned to capture the city's essence for a celebratory poster of a trolley, which will be displayed at participating venues.

"Your classic Philadelphia trolley," Leahey said. "Everybody knows them. They still run in different parts of the city, but beautiful handmade art there."

CBS News Philadelphia

For South Philly native Eva Gallelli, the day goes well beyond just a good deal. She remembers when the area code was first rolled out for cell phones.

"Oh, it was a big thing," Galelli said. "Till this day it's a thing. I don't have a 215 area code, it's 267, but it was still one of the first area codes when cell phones started coming out."

The Do215 website "curates all these great events, food happenings, concerts," Kory Aversa from Aversa PR said. 

"They came up with it because they wanted to celebrate the old area code and everything we love about our city. And they thought, what better day than 215, the day after Valentine's Day? They wanted to celebrate the food and concerts and everything we have in our city. It's only the first year it will get bigger every year."

Deals on pizza, fries and milkshakes on 1st-ever "215 Day" 03:13

In Northern Liberties, Madison Kaplan doesn't just have the coveted area code, she's also selling her classic vanilla cupcakes for $2.15 at her bakery called Madison K Cookies.

"I have a 215 phone number, so I think that number resonates with all Philly people," Kaplan said.

The three numbers come with a strong sense of pride for Philadelphians.

"It's 215," Gallelli said. "It automatically represents you."

"215 is the heart of Philadelphia," Leahey said. "It's the original area code."

There are discounts on places like the Philadelphia Zoo and chances to win tickets to shows at MilkBoy, Underground Arts and other venues.

You can enter to win those 215 Day prizes on the Do215 site here.

The media network Do215 launched the celebratory day.

They're holding raffles for various gift cards, giveaways and tickets to eateries, shows and music events. Winners will be announced sometime this week.

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