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David Creato's Jury Goes Second Full Day Without Reaching Verdict

By David Madden and Cleve Bryan

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) -- A second full day of jury deliberations in the David Creato murder trial has ended without a verdict.

Creato's recordings were center stage, again, as the panel heard his secretly recorded talk with the mother of three-year-old murder victim Brendan for a second time, and the interview with police and the 9-1-1 call for a third time.

At first, the panel only asked to hear about half of the hour-long interview between Creato and detectives recorded shortly after they told him his three-year-old son, Brendan, was dead.

But one juror then told Judge John Kelley she wanted to re-hear the entire interview. Kelley complied with the request.

There was also a request to have testimony from the month-long trial re-read.

Lead detective Mike Rhodes discussed investigative efforts to gather video surveillance from the day of the murder. Jurors want to know the extent of that effort.

They also want to re-hear the cross examination of digital forensics expert Louis Cinquanto, who extracted text messages from Creato's cell phone between the defendant and former girlfriend Julia Stensky.

That request will be filled when the panel of nine women and three men reconvene on Tuesday, after the Memorial Day weekend.

Kelly had hoped to hold an additional day of deliberations on Friday, a day when proceedings are not usually held, but several jurors indicated they were not available.

So far this jury has deliberated about seven hours since getting the case late last Tuesday. The trial itself has been ongoing since the latter part of April.

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