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Defendant's Cellphone Examined At Creato Murder Trial

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) -- A day of highly technical testimony at the David Creato murder trial in Camden.

Jurors heard from a digital forensics expert, Louis Cinquanto, brought in by prosecutors to take a long look at the defendant's cell phone use in great detail.

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He found a cell phone photo of the site where 3 year old Brendan's body was found in Cooper River Park, taken a day and a half before.

Cinquanto also testified that Creato logged into the Facebook and Snapchat accounts of then girlfriend Julia Stensky the evening before Brendan disappeared. David was checking up on contacts Stensky had with friends at college.

There were also thousands of text messages deleted from the phone between the time of the murder and the day of his arrest.

But under cross examination, Cinquanto conceded there was no smoking gun, so to speak, in the browsing history found on the phone.

He also admitted that, while he has performed over a thousand forensic phone examinations, this is only his third comparing  Snapchat and phone data.

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In addition, he said those deletions cold have been made for any number of reasons.

Earlier in the day, the head of security at Pace University in New York discussed records of Stensky's visits to her dorm room before and after the body was discovered.

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