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Danelo Cavalcante search carries into 2nd day after escape from Chester County Prison

Manhunt search for escaped Chester County prisoner Danelo Cavalcante goes into day 2
Manhunt search for escaped Chester County prisoner Danelo Cavalcante goes into day 2 02:16

UPDATE: Danelo Cavalcante spotted 1.5 miles away from Chester County Prison

POCOPSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS/AP) -- Residents in Chester County are on edge as the manhunt for Danelo Cavalcante, a man convicted of murder who escaped from Chester County Prison, has gone into a second day.

The latest on the search for an extremely dangerous murderer has brought more than 100 tips from the public.

Sources in federal law enforcement tell CBS News Philadelphia that they had hoped this convicted murderer would have been located by Thursday night. That's not the case as the search presses on for the man described as "extremely dangerous" by Chester County prosecutors.

Investigators say they haven't uncovered any evidence showing this dangerous man has made it beyond Chester County.

"Check your cars and your outbuildings for any signs of criminal activity," Pa State Police Commander Bob Wagner said. "If you see anything suspicious, report it. We ask that you also check your home video cameras. If you see any footage on there that's suspicious, please report it to us. I want to reiterate this man is very dangerous."

Investigators wouldn't detail any possible conversations with relatives or friends of the escaped convict, except to offer this warning should anybody try and assist him.

"If we find out that you impede this investigation, you'll be part of it. "You'll be on the criminal side," Special Agent Robert Clark said.

The District Attorney's office in Chester County says hundreds of police officers are mobilized in searching for Cavalcante.

"We believe he is hiding somewhere locally and that he is alone. The U.S. Marshals are actively involved in this manhunt," Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan said during a press conference Friday afternoon. "Currently, we are looking everywhere in the area including railways, the Brandywine Creek and every area that may be a route out of Chester County. We have reason to believe he is heading south." 

Authorities provide update on escaped inmate from Chester County Prison 19:11

The inmate, whose murder trial ended last month with a conviction and a life sentence without the possibility of parole, escaped Thursday morning.

The county prison went into lockdown, unfortunately, too late in terms of the major security breach, according to numerous sources. That's something county officials, prison officials and the district attorney have refused to address, saying it's part of an ongoing internal investigation.

Meanwhile, Chester County Prison officials responded to a request for comment from CBS News Philadelphia saying if any corrective action was needed inside the prison as a result of the escape, it would be taken.

An acting warden further added a review of existing security measures suggesting there's no possibility of additional escapes.

CBS News Philadelphia has reached out to a spokesperson for the Chester County Commissioners' Office and we are waiting to hear back if they have any comment about what happened. 

The search for the convicted killer covers 759 square miles. Full of rural areas, Chester County is five and a half times the size of the city of Philadelphia.

Police are using helicopters to help cover that land area.

Cavalcante was found guilty by a jury last month in the brutal stabbing death of his former girlfriend, Deborah Brandao.

Police say he stabbed her nearly three dozen times, in front of her children, in 2021.

He arrived in this country several years ago as a fugitive from justice in Brazil, according to court documents.

Investigators say he is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and speaks some English. He was last seen walking on South Wawaset Road.

Prosecutors have said that he killed Brandao to stop her from telling police about the charges against him in Brazil in connection with a 2017 slaying.

Police say they've alerted those who participated in the trial in Chester County when Cavalcante was convicted.

He was due to be moved from the Chester County Prison to a state correctional facility before his successful escape.

Local, state and federal law enforcement say they'll be on the ground here for as long as it takes. They believe Cavalcante will try and head south based off his movements shortly after he murdered his former girlfriend.

West Chester University responded to this crisis by canceling all Chester County classes Friday afternoon. All buildings on campus will require a school ID or a physical key for access.

Authorities urge the public to call 911 if you see anything suspicious. A $10,000 reward is being offered for any information that could be used in the capture of this fugitive.

Search for escaped Chester County prisoner carries into 2nd day 02:58
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