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Keeping Pets Warm In Cold Weather

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- These frigid temperatures can be dangerous, not only for you, but for your pets, if precautions aren't taken to keep them warm outdoors.

Not only are there pets up for adoption at the Pennsylvania SPCA, there is also a wellness center, where veterinarians like Dr. Megan Wilson will take care of your pet.

Dr. Wilson says the cold weather can be life threatening to a pet.

"We do see animals with hypothermia. They need to be on IV fluids to help hydrate them, warm bedding because they can go into shock from hypothermia," she said. "It is a medical emergency."

Veterinarians recommend limiting walks in the cold weather, dressing dogs in coats, and, if they can stand them, booties.

"I tried it with my dog and she was not having it. I was like, 'okay we'll get that out,'" Wilson said.

The Pennsylvania SPCA wants to hear from the public if you suspect that a dog is in danger by being kept outside n the cold.

"We always rely on the public for these types of things," said PSPCA spokeswoman Gillian Kocher. "You know it's that saying, 'if you see something say something.' Call us, let us know. Whether we go out, or we divert you to ACCT Philly, we will make sure the animals are being kept safe and warm in this frigid time."

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