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City Avoids Militaristic Style For DNC Security

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Mayor Jim Kenney says the city has decided not to buy an armored vehicle for security during the Democratic National Convention.

The city included an armored vehicle in the list of items it would be purchasing with the 43-Million dollar security grant from the Justice Department, but officials said they later decided they did not want the police department to appear militarized when dealing with the expected convention protesters.

When asked about it at a Washington Press Club event, Mayor Kenney said bicycles are more effective.

"Police on bikes interact with people better," he said

Kenney said civil affairs will take the lead.

"They have the ability to interact with people in a cordial way, find out who the leadership is, set some ground rules, keep everybody not in line but together," Kenney said.

An official said the city has started buying some new equipment, but said a detailed list would not be released until after the convention for security reasons.

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