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Suspect charged in shooting that killed 2, injured 3 at Delaware County Linen in Chester, Pennsylvania

Chester, Pennsylvania, community reeling after deadly workplace shooting
Chester, Pennsylvania, community reeling after deadly workplace shooting 02:46

CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) -- Police have charged the man accused of shooting five people, including two fatally, at Delaware County Linen in Chester, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday. 

Wilbert Rosado-Ruiz, 61, a fellow employee at Delaware County Linen, was charged with first-degree murder, third-degree murder, possession of an instrument of crime and other offenses on Thursday. He's worked at the company since 2016 and is expected to be arraigned on Thursday. 

Investigators said just after 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Rosado-Ruiz, a disgruntled employee, entered the building and selectively shot five people. The incident started as a dispute with a female colleague.

Investigators say there had been complaints about Rosado-Ruiz as recently as the day before the shooting.

Police say Rosado-Ruiz left the building and returned with a handgun and first shot the female colleague. The two workers killed in the shooting were identified as brothers: Giguenson Peña Peña and Leovanny Peña Peña. The two were both from the Dominican Republic. The three other victims are recovering at the hospital. 

Police say after all five had been shot, Rosado-Ruiz again saw the female worker he first had the verbal altercation with and tried shooting her again outside the building.

But investigators say Rosado-Ruiz either ran out of ammunition or the gun jammed.

Police say Rosado-Ruiz then took off in a car and was apprehended a short time later by police in Trainer, Pennsylvania, which is near Chester. 

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollesteimer said on Thursday sadly workers at a linen company or other places don't train for active shooter emergencies.

"This is a cold-blooded shooting," Stollsteimer said. "This is an incident where he walked around the factory and started shooting at people, and we have video – there are cameras inside the business, not all of them are functioning, so we have some video evidence and we see him walking around and just calmly doing this terrible, tragic series of incidents."  

Earlier Thursday, while detectives went door-to-door in search of video, a worker from Delaware County Linen placed a cross just outside the entrance where people were fleeing from the shooting on Wednesday. 

A worker placed a cross outside Delaware County Linen one day after five people were shot in Chester, including two fatally. 

A man who declined to share his name said people were running for their lives. 

"It was chaotic," the man said. "People running for their lives, coming out of the building. People saying in Spanish, 'He's shooting, he has a gun, an active shooter inside the building.'"

Chester city councilwoman Tameka Gibson stopped by Delaware County Linen and said she was surprised they had reopened. She brought food and information on how to cope with grief and trauma.

"I'm hurting," she said. "You know, anyone going through this type of violence definitely has to hurt."

Gibson said she would make sure the company has the proper support. 

Meanwhile, some neighbors are still in a state of shock from the fatal shooting. 

Delaware County Linen didn't respond to CBS News Philadelphia's request for comment. 

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