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Chamber Orchestra Presents Mendelssohn/Brossé/Mozart

By RJ McKay

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia presents Mendelssohn/Brossé/Mozart on May 15 and 16.

Music conductor Dirk Brossé previews the concert.

"A mixture of works written by composers who lived in various periods of music history. A symphony by Mozart, is symphony number 35, then a violin concerto written by Felix Mendelssohn, then there are actually three contemporary pieces written in the twenty first century."

Brossé also dicusses his thought process when putting this concert together.

"I wanted to have a mix with well-known pieces combined with new music. Audience members can hear music that they already know like Mozart and Mendelssohn and then there is a challenging moment where they will hear music that has never been played before."

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