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Best Activities For Summer Thrill Seekers In Philadelphia

By Allen Foster

Are you the type of person who thinks Kingda Ka could've been a little more extreme? If so, a trip to the Jersey Shore just isn't going to satisfy your craving for intense fun this summer. You need something that jump starts your adrenaline and makes you feel more wired than shotgunning a 4-pack of Red Bull! You need something that will crank up that heart rate till it hits the red zone! Here are five activities you can find in and around Philadelphia that each have their own inherent thrill factor!

iFly: Indoor Skydiving
290 Goddard Blvd.
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 595-4359

Even for the most adventurous thrill seeker, parachuting into the bustling City of Brotherly Love would be a little reckless. But that doesn't mean you can't fly in Philadelphia. iFly is an indoor skydiving facility that simulates free fall conditions. Patrons enter a vertical wind tunnel and are lifted up by a powerful column of air that actually allows them to fly. Superman ain't got nothing on you at iFly!

Treetop Adventures
Elmwood Park Zoo
1661 Harding Blvd
Norristown, PA 19401

When you're hooked on adrenaline, merely observing wild animals isn't nearly enough to spark up that juice. So, Elmwood Park Zoo offers you the option to kick it up a notch. Imagine getting an aerial view of the animals, from 50 feet up, as you race about through the trees on a zip line! That's right, it's the only zip line in the region that travels over live animals! Of course, if that's too scary for you, there are a number of other courses you can practice on till you build up enough courage for a Zoofari! Hang in there, baby!

Soaring Sports Philadelphia
8001 Castor Avenue, PMB #1058
Philadelphia, PA 19152
(267) 579-1114

As previously noted, skydiving into the crowded streets of our nation's birthplace might be a little too risky for a family outing. But how about sightseeing from way up high? That's right, with Soaring Sports Philadelphia, you can view our historic city from the sky in a hot air balloon! Rocky Balboa climbed a few steps? That's it? No wonder it took him two movies to get a win. Go up, up, and away in this beautiful balloon ride!

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Rock Climbing
The High Rocks Section Of Ralph Stover State Park
150 Tory Road
Pipersville PA 18947
(610) 982-5560

Located at the scenic horseshoe bend in Tohickon Creek Gorge, it's the High Rocks section of Ralph Stover State Park. All kidding aside, this is dangerous. If you're not an experienced climber, it is highly recommended you observe this thrill from behind the safety rail. However, if you are an accomplished climber, this picturesque locale features a 150-foot sheer rock face. You don't have to climb every mountain, just one cliff for an exhilarating, life-affirming experience.

Shark Bridge
Adventure Aquarium
1 Riverside Drive
Camden, NJ 08103
(844) 474-FISH (3474)

At some point, you've probably seen fish jumping out of the water, right? Especially when they are hungry and see something scrumptious to eat. At Adventure Aquarium, there's a rope bridge that is 81 feet long. It is suspended mere inches above a 550,000 gallon tank that is 21-feet deep. The water in that tank is filled with nearly 30 sharks! Do you dare to walk across? Go ahead, you're next. You're halfway there, it's not as bad as you thought. Wait, what's that low, ominous theme playing in the background? You're going to need a bigger rope!

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