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National Weather Service Confirms Tornado Touched Down In Bucks County

BEDMINSTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) -- A tornado touched down in Bucks County during Thursday night's wild weather, tearing down trees and damaging homes. The National Weather Service was out surveying damage Friday.

The survey area ran up Route 113, starting in Silverdale and stretching northeast, past Dublin and into Bedminster Township.

Residents in parts of Bucks County spent the day cleaning up after several close calls. They say once the winds picked up and they got the alert on their phone, they had seconds to spare.

"We heard it coming," Jim Meier said.

Residents in Bedminster Township describe the moments before a tornado touched down right outside their front windows Thursday night.

Aly Rice says her husband was just getting home.

"He had literally just opened the kitchen door and started screaming get down and the whole mudroom blew apart," she said.

Rice showed us where the twister tour through her yard.

"We think it probably touched down in the field and came through this way," Rice said.

Those decades-old pine trees smashed both family cars, fences and their above-ground pool.

"Just totally uprooted and these guys, look how they were snapped," Phil Dicriscio said.

It was a similar scene outside Dicriscio's father's home.

"Trees down, in the back, trees are leaning against the house, shingles, siding," he said.

"We looked out the front door and saw obviously the two poles were gone and we're like 'oh my God, the porch ripped off," Nancy Meier said.

"It sounded like a freight train was coming through and by the time we got to the basement steps it was quiet," Rich DeAngelis said.

DeAngelis spent most of Friday chainsawing out.

Despite a lot of clean-up ahead, everyone here says they are grateful.

"It could have been a lot worse," Meier said.

"Super lucky. We're blessed that we are safe and all of this is not as important as us," Rice said.

Bucks County 911 says, as of now, despite all this damage, no serious injuries were reported.

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