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Ask An Expert: Decorating Your Bedroom On A Budget

Decorating a bedroom does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Get creative with repurposed finds in your own home or your local thrift shop. If you like DIY projects or arts and crafts, decorating your bedroom can be lots of fun. The design and budget ideas that Carrie Leskowitz shares with us work with any kind of bedroom: master suites, children's rooms, nurseries and grandparents suites. Once you have a place to start, with these basic ideas, let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless.

Carrie Leskowitz Interiors
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Carrie Leskowitz Interiors, an award-winning boutique residential firm, understands the need for practical solutions to designing a warm, sophisticated home while incorporating "a dash of drama." With a background in fashion and a passion for design, CLI believes the magic is in the mix of styles and periods. Her clients and travel are constant sources of inspiration. Carrie shares this and more in her blog; Carrie's Design Musings.

Accent Wall

"An accent wall creates a focal point and helps carry out a theme. It is especially effective behind the bed. Add interesting artwork or wall hangings to grab attention to your featured wall."

Feng Shui

"Try removing any sharp-edged or jarring objects out of the bedroom for good feng shui. For those who are not familiar with feng shui, it is a particular way of placing objects in your home or work space that balances energy as to ensure health and good fortune. The practice of feng shui has been a part of Chinese culture for over 3,000 years."

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Creative Lampshades

"I love that a decorative lampshade is somewhat unexpected. It can be costly if you buy it ready-made. But spray painting a shade or hot gluing trim onto it is a great decorative quick fix to a ho-hum shade. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can cut and add fabric to an existing shade with spray adhesive. There are plenty of DIY YouTube videos to show you how to add trim to lampshades and other objects, such as mirror frames and picture frames."


"The same can be said for the window treatments. Decorative trim applied strategically to inexpensive fabric can help coordinate and enhance. If using panels, make sure it reaches the floor!"


"A piece of plywood cut to size, some batting and a staple gun can save you hundreds of dollars. There are plenty of alternatives to an upholstered headboard. Repurposed doors, a folding screen, even a tapestry can all stand in for the more traditional choice. This is a great place to think outside the box!"

Research for Ideas

"If you're stuck for ideas and your room is in a rut, take to the internet. Sites like Pinterest, Houzz, HGTV and DIY network are great for ideas, directions and inspiration. Pinterest is the perfect place to collect ideas. Just create a board or several boards and post your favorite finds from any site. Most sites now have 'Pin' buttons so it is super easy to add something you like to your boards. You can set your boards up for Storage, Wall Treatments, Window Treatments and more."

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Christina Thompson is a freelance writer living in Philadelphia. Her work can be found at

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