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Art Museum Gets Visit From 'Patriot' As Part Of Super Bowl Bet

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There was some trash talking between the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston before the Super Bowl.

A bet was made good on Friday at the Art Museum, with a New England patriot paying a visit.

It's not often in the art world that you get to trash talk.

"Very rarely, and, by the way, it was all very polite. We love our colleagues in Boston," said Timothy Rub, director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, at the unveiling of the painting temporarily on display from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Art Museum Super Bowl Bet
Director Timothy Rub with the cbs

The artist is 18th century painter John Singleton Copley and the subject is Mercy Otis Warren.

"Who was a great author, very accomplished, and very unusual for a woman to have that kind of position in society of that day and a great revolutionary," said Rub. "Someone who advocated independence and worked actively towards it."

As part of the bet, the oil painting of the patriot will be on display here for three months and the Benjamin West painting depicting Benjamin Franklin drawing electricity from the sky stays put -- in the next room -- at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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