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5th Grade Students Bring Women's Black History To Life

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- One local all-girls 5th grade class celebrated the accomplishments of African American women for Black History Month.

They made history come alive for the rest of their school.

Gesu School 5th grade girls brought African American women to life through a so-called "museum" they set up in their gym.

"Hi, I'm Misty Copeland. In 2015 I became the first African American ballerina," said one of the students taking part in the project.

The project was set up by their teacher, Tammi Crummy.

"Each year I find that the girls choose different people. They choose modern-day people, like we have a Teraji P. Henson to Rosa Parks!" Crummy said.

Other students come in and get a chance to listen to the presentations by touching their shoulder to make their students' characters come alive.

"We had like the girls over there doing cartwheels and backflips! It's like a very fun project!" said another student, making their way through the makeshift museum.

Crummy says when the other classes come through, it's like a project within a project.

"They go back to their classes and they talk about it!" she said.

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