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350 SEPTA Passengers Stranded On Tracks For Hours Because Of Wire Issue

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- SEPTA passengers have been evacuated from trains after they were left stranded on train tracks for nearly three hours. SEPTA is blaming wire issues near 30th Street Station.

This all started around 3:30 p.m. Saturday on SEPTA's Paoli-Thorndal line.

"It was just mainly just annoying and frustrating because we just wanted to go to the city," Bryn Mawr College student Abby Harris said.

With no returning train service, Harris caught an Uber back to campus.

According to SEPTA, it took an hour to begin rescues because they had to find drivers for busses to transport passengers from the trains.

Amtrak also had some wires come down and related signal issues which led them to temporarily suspend its service between Harrisburg and Philadelphia.

There were no injuries during this incident but there were still plenty of frustrated passengers

"It got very frustrating because people were calling SEPTA and no one was answering. I was tweeting but they were giving very generic responses that were not helpful and I just kept rapid-fire tweeting them so I could get some attention on this so we could get off," Harris said.

The four trains were moved to SEPTA's train yard. Service resumed on Sunday.

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