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3 Hospitalized In Northeast Philadelphia Stabbing, 7 Suspects Arrested

By Elizabeth Hur, Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Philadelphia police have seven suspects in custody for allegedly stabbing three members of a local high school wrestling team during an altercation Friday night in Northeast Philadelphia.

The incident was reported around 11 p.m. at Rowland Avenue and Oakmont Street near Abraham Lincoln High School.

Witnesses tell police it all started when a group of eight or nine teenage boys and one 20-year old woman were walking across the street from the victims.

They go on to say an unknown person threw a glass bottle, hitting one of the victims on the back of the head, and when that happened, words were exchanged and a fight broke out.

Police say during the fight, the three victims – all Father Judge High School seniors -- were stabbed. The victims have been identified as Tom Bayer, and his friends, cousins Joe and James Galasso.

They were taken to the hospital in serious condition and the suspects ran away.

A witness was able to tell police who one of the suspects was, and when police went to his house, they arrested him and five of his friends. The officers arrested the 7th person later on during the day.

The suspects are 19-year-old David Cramp, 20-year-old Hellena Andro, 18-year-old John Farrell, 18-year-old Ryan Palen and three 17-year-old juveniles.

They all have been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and conspiracy.

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