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ZLINE expands recall of potentially deadly gas stoves to include replacement or refund option

ZLINE is expanding a recall of 30,000 gas ranges to provide consumers the option of a replacement range or refund.

Recalled in January, the gas stoves may emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide — a colorless, odorless gas — when in use, putting consumers at risk of serious injury or death from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to a notice posted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. Breathing in high levels of carbon monoxide can cause you to pass out and may be fatal. 

ZLINE, a family-owned company based in the U.S., issued this latest recall expansion after attempts to repair the gas ranges proved unsuccessful.

"After the recall was announced, ZLINE received 131 reports that the repair was not completed successfully and that the ranges were still emitting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide," the CPSC notice stated.

Manufactured in China, the recalled ranges were sold in three sizes: 30 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches, the recall notice shows. Consumers can identify their unit's model number by checking a label on the back of the gas range, according to the manufacturer. 

Consumers of affected ranges should immediately stop use of the gas oven compartment and contact the manufacturer for a free inspection, replacement range or refund, the CPSC said.  

The recall covers roughly 30,000 gas ranges sold online and in person at stores nationwide, including Best Buy, Lowe's, The Home Depot and The Range Hood Store. The appliances were sold from February 2019 to December 2022 for between $2,300 and $6,900, according to the CPSC's notice, and include the following model numbers:


Customers with questions can call ZLINE toll-free at 833-226-1400 from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or send an email to They can also visit the manufacturer's website at or and click on the banner at the top of the page for more information.

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