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Zen apps for mindful living and meditation

Mobile devices do not have to be a distraction.'s technology editor Chenda Ngak shares some apps to help you get centered.
Mobile devices do not have to be a distractio... 01:31

Mobile devices don't have to be a distraction -- they can actually help keep you centered. We've rounded up mobile apps to help you meditate and be mindful.

Can an app really bring a sense of calm? This one sure can. Omvana is perfect for all types of meditation and relaxation. It offers a large library of background sounds and personal growth tracks that you can mix and match.

You can listen to calming music, words of encouragement or both using the app's mixer. The app is free at Apple's App Store. It comes with a few free tracks, but if you want to purchase more options they can cost anywhere from 99 cents to $7.99.

If you already have your own meditation routine, an app called Meditation Timer can help you be mindful of the time. It's simple and easy to use. Set the timer for the desired length of your meditation session and choose soothing notification sounds like a bell, bowl or Tibetan tingshas. You can even set daily reminders to meditate. The app is free at Apple's App Store.

A neat app called Transform Your Life features inspirational quotes and exercises for every day of the year. The app -- which is inspired by a book of the same name -- draws from the wisdom of Zen masters, Christian scholars, philosophers, poets and even a few comedians. It also includes a journal to jot down personal thoughts. The app is free at Apple's App Store.

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