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You've got to check out this two-headed snake

(CBS News) Pssssst! Hey, you! Yeah, you! Want to see something crazy? Then check out the above video with a two-headed Albino Honduran Milk Snake drinking water with both heads...

The extremely bizarre-yet-fascinating video was posted by Ben Siegel Reptiles who write:

Our two headed albino honduran milksnake medusa. This time, some amazing footage of how she moves around and drinks. You can see that both heads have control of the body and actually squabble about going to the water. Once in though, both heads are thirsty and take a nice refreshing drink!

Now, like many things on the Internet, I would take the video with a grain of salt before saying it is totally real. But for any who might want to be the proud owner of this strange and rare snake, the poster mentions that Medusa is for sale right now for $50,000.  So, there's that...  And to check out more reptile videos or learn more about this one, you can visit the YouTube page for Ben Siegel Reptiles by clicking here.
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