Your daily dose of cute with Orangutan baby Rickina

(CBS News) It's about time for some baby animal adorableness don't you think? And this clip of orangutan baby Rickina will certainly provide your daily dose of cute overload. Especially when you find out that she was was rescued from a man who they suspected was a poacher, and now lives safely at the Ketapang Orangutan Rescue Center in West Kalimantan. Watch the video of her spreading her little long arms and meeting other baby orangutans, above.

I mean, how cute is this little thing? With her fuzzy little head, and gangly limbs and big eyes? And when the other little babies start to nuzzle and play with her? I dare you you not to say, "ahhhh." I certainly did, and I am definitely not an "ahhhh" kinda gal. Also, is it possible to just watch this clip once?