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Young Shark-Attack Victim Returns Home

Jessie Arbogast was moved from a Pensacola hospital on Sunday and returned to his home in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. It's been a month since Jessie's arm was bitten off by a bull shark.

He is still in a light coma and doctors believe that he may respond better if he is in familiar surroundings. Although Jessie is in a coma, he has shown a lot of improvement. He lost nearly all of the blood in his body after the attack and he also lost his arm. Doctors reattached his arm, but they say it could be 18 months before they know how much use he'll regain.

Jimmy Phares was one of the medics who drove Jessie back to Mississippi. Phares is an operations manager of Acadia Ambulance, which donated its services to the Arbogast family in order to bring Jessie home. He spoke with the Early Show about the transfer.

A couple of weeks ago, Acadian Ambulance contacted Ocean Springs Mayor Seren Ainsworth, and offered to pick up Jessie for free. The hospital then made the arrangements from there.

Phares says Jessie's mother rode with them in the ambulance.

It was, according to Phares, "A very uneventful trip. We had no special equipment." This is part of large community effort to help out the family--yellow ribbons on trees, fundraisers, and blood drives. The family is happy he's home.

Phares says he can't comment on Jessie's condition because it's privileged information and the family asked him not to. His family said they don't want to say anything, through him or otherwise.

There were a few people waiting when they pulled up to the house, but the police had blocked off the area, and it was during thunderstorm.

Only Jessie's pale face was visible beneath a blue plastic tarp that shielded him from rain as ambulance personnel took him in his front door

There were a few reporters and well-wishers. They backed the ambulance up to the house, and unloaded Jessie. They then took him up to his bedroom, which, according to Phares, looks like any other "youngster's bedroom."
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