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You May Be The Lucky Winner

Here's our thanks to the thousands of viewers of The Early Show who took The Dave Price Primetime Challenge.

The name of the winner will be revealed on the show Thursday morning, so stay tuned.

Here are the questions and the correct answers:

Tuesday Question (Feb. 24):

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On Monday, Dave was seen on: "Still Standing"

Wednesday Question (Feb. 25):

In "Yes Dear", Dave was caught in the middle of: a holdup

Thursday Question (Feb. 26):

In "King of Queens" Dave and Carrie are: walking dogs

Friday Question (Feb. 27):

On "Still Standing", Dave was checking coats at a: Chinese restaurant

Bonus Saturday (Feb. 28):

"Yes Dear" last Monday featured Dave and another Special Guest: Travis Tritt

Monday Question (March 1):

Dave is seen in "Hack" playing a: lawyer

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