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Yemeni Rebels Show War Booty In New Video

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Supporters of Yemeni Shiite rebels, followers of Hussein Badr Eddin al-Huthi, posted a short clip showing two military vehicles seized by the group in al Mahazer area during fighting between the two sides that took place this month. The video showed al Huthi soldiers in the back of the two pick-up trucks sporting their guns and shouting "Down with the USA...Down with Israel."

The fighting between Yemeni forces and al Huthi supporters began in 2004 when the leader of a Shiite Zaidi sect Hussein al Houthi, issued a religious edict against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, accusing him of being an agent of the United States and Israel. Al Huthi then created a group of militants called Believer Youths and entered into a confrontation against Saleh's forces in a bid to reinstate the Zaidi emirate that was brought to an end in 1962.