Yemen Launches Offensive against Al Qaeda

Yemen's new offensive against al Qaeda has led to the reopening of the U.S. embassy here, which had been closed for two days because of the threat of an al Qaeda attack. American diplomats credited, "successful counter-terrorism operations" by Yemeni forces.

Those operations killed two members of al Qaeda outside the capital San'a but the main target, a top al Qaeda leader, escaped, reports CBS' Toula Vlahou.

At least five other suspects have been arrested today as thousands of Yemeni troops flood into three provinces hunting for al Qaeda militants.

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Analysts, however, believe that al Qaeda will only get stronger if the government fails to resolve a rebellion in the south and an insurgency in the north.

"No matter what the west is going to do, it's not going to work with al Qaeda," said Abdullah al Faqih with San'a University.

Tuesday the Saudi government pledged to support Yemen's weak government and the United States is increasing aid and counterinsurgency training.

Unless there's a coordinated strategy to address Yemen's various issues from poverty to terrorism, many observers believe this fragile country will become a failed state.