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XELLE reinvents the girl group with "Queens" and help from Janeane Garofalo

XELLE is about to turn the pop music on its head. The mega pop girls group is everything but ordinary.

"We always try to do something different because we are different," said drag queen and reality TV star Mimi Imfurst.

Imfurst is one-part of the trio, XELLE, which also features singer-songwriter JC Cassis and Israeli pop vocalist Rony G.

"We're a very untraditional band," Imfurst told "We're the first girl group where one of us wasn't born a girl. A girl group with something extra, if you will."

The gals think it's all a reflection of the times.

"We're not a culture anymore where you have the straight community, or the gay community or you're black or you're white...We're one melting pot," Imfurst continued. "We can be from different places. We come together and we still maintain our identity without sacrificing who we are."

The band first got together in 2010 after meeting on the Manhattan nightclub scene. While hosting a karaoke bash, Imfurst saw something special in Rony G and Cassis.

"Both Rony and JC had come in at different times and I was just really a fan of both of their voices," Imfurst remembers. "So I literally pulled them up on stage and said, 'I put in a song and we're singing it.' They had never met before. The three of us never sang together, and we just kind of became instant friends onstage."

Call it kismet, Imfurst says.

Now two years later, XELLE is readying its debut EP, "Queens," due out Tuesday. The set, produced by Zach Adam, is boosted by a batch of XELLE's creative music videos that have been trickling out over the past year.

The video for "Party Girl," for one, pays tribute to the '90s, bringing "the party to a space in New York that can often be mundane or annoying" -- the subway. They rehearsed it in the studio for months and even built a pseudo-subway train in the studio to prepare for the shoot.

"It was 2 o'clock in the morning and it was freezing," remembers Cassis. "And as always, we weren't wearing much. We got on the train, ran through all of the choreography and were able to get it in one shot. It was a classic case of you gamble everything and you can either win big, or lose everything. We had put everything on this night."

As for the song, it represents the trio's "party" message. "We love partying and having fun and that what this group is all about," Cassis said.

And more videos are yet to come, as XELLE is wrapping its biggest feat yet: an hour-long, "choose-your-own-adventure" video for the song "Hologram."

"You're going to watch the first video and you're going to be faced with a series of choices to save the world and it's up to you, the viewer," said Imfurst. "And there's 30 or 40 videos you can watch. Every time it's going to be a little different, and it's different for every person....It's an hour's worth of videos."

"Hologram" is in the running to top the world record for the longest music video ever produced, the band says.

The trio enlisted the help of some celebrity pals, too, for the clip, directed by Adam. Comedian/actress Janeane Garofalo, columnist Michael Musto, R&B singer Martha Wash and actress/comedian Kerri Kenney-Silver of Comedy Central's "Reno 911" all make guest appearances in the video.

"We like to bring something new to the arena. It's going to be a lot of fun to go through," Rony G said.

The members of XELLE have high hopes for what's to come. Imfurst used to pal around with Lady Gaga a few years ago in New York before the "Born This Way" singer made it big. She remembers Gaga working the club scene in New York.

"You have to constantly be prepared for it [success] and you got to constantly be working," Imfurst said, noting how Gaga set a good example. "You never know when that opportunity's going to come...We thrive off of doing 12 different things - whether it's coming up with an idea for a reality show, producing this album or putting together this crazy video for 'Hologram.'"

Check out the teaser clip for "Hologram":